Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ultra Runner Podcast, I THINK MY IQ JUST WENT UP . . .

I am new to ultra running, but I am already hooked.  It seems that ultra running is 50% training and 50% experience / brains, well at least in my inexperienced opinion.  I also heard that ones IQ drops substantially after mile 30 and man my IQ is already low to begin with.  I think training is the easy part, but the rest throws me off  . . .   I seem to feel stronger than my actual performance in a race and my training runs are faster even.  My last/first 50 miler was the first time I ever had a blister from running and boy did I experience blisters.   Now with that said, it helps to do your homework.  I read tons, and am always looking for new books or articles.  But check this out, I think my IQ just went up . . .  in a matter of days . . .
The other day I came across an awesome podcast, the UltraRunner Podcast.  It was just by chance, I had to do an errand involving a long drive, so I searched for some type of podcast on ultra running.  I downloaded six or so and then hopped in the car.  The first episode I listened to, Don Freeman AC100 Race Report, it was incredible and I was hooked.  Now I just jumped in, so I haven’t listen to them all yet, just give me a week or two.  Let me tell you though, it is worth it, particularly if you are new to ultra running.  The advice, tips, race recaps, or just little things you don’t even think about, like forgetting or neglecting to eat or drink for hours . . . which happens and it happened to me in my last race.
Now I am a big fan of podcasts, mainly because I have a 45+ minute commute - one way, but I can listen to what I want, when I want to, and generally with no commercials. 
Check it out, here is the first one I listen too: HERE


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