Sunday, October 30, 2011

HULU: Hot tips for a Rainy Day on the Treadmill

If you haven’t been on HULU yet, here is your chance to get started.  It is basically internet TV with a pause and rewind button.  These are two running documentaries that are worth checking out.

Spirit of the Marathon (2008)
1 hr. 42 min.
Description: Spirit of the Marathon is the first film to capture the passion, drama and essence of the famed 26.2-mile Chicago Marathon. Intimate, fascinating portraits of six runners from all walks of life unfold as the film follows seasoned athletes and amateurs alike in their preparation for the big race. See why the Los Angeles Times said "Even if you've never run for anything but a bus, you'll... get swept up in this movie's inspiring journey."

The Long Green Line (2008)
1 hr. 29 min.

Description: Coach Joe Newton has used the sport of Cross Country Running to teach simple but important lessons to high school boys for the last 50 years. “Always do your best”, “be on time” and “it’s nice to be great but far greater to be nice” are mantras, which have turned the Boys Cross Country team at the public York High School in Elmhurst Illinois into the most winning high school team in any sport in America. Along with mastery of their sport,  <more>


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