Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friends . . . and a Garmin 310Xt GPS Watch

The other day my buddy Manley, I call him Squeaky,  came over handed a little blue bag and said “This is for your training.”  I thought cool, Manley rocks!  I opened it up and looked in.  I stood there just staring in the bag for a long time, amazed, and then I looked up as he walked out of the room.  In the bag was a small box of Wheaties, a water bottle,  AND . . .
a Garmin 310XT GPS watch.   Holly Cow!!!  He just gave me a Garmin 310Xt GPS watch; the one I really wanted.  I didn’t know what to say, let alone do; this was a big deal.  It took me over an hour to open it, because there was one side of me that just couldn't accept it.  I couldn’t let him buy me such a present, but  I knew it came from his heart and he really wanted me to have it for my Leadville training.    I went over to see him, with an unopened box still,  to try to convince him I couldn’t accept it.  He looked at me an said you didn’t open it yet?  “Open it, open it!”   I said thank you one more time and opened it.   He gave me a Garmin 310Xt GPS watch.  I still can’t believe it, way too cool.   Garmin_310xtThanks Coach Manley!
So yesterday, after all my blisters seemed to flatten, I went for a run with my new watch.  Since it was the first run after my 50 mile race, about two weeks ago,  I told myself that I would not run more than a 10k and that is exactly what I did.  At 6.2 miles (53 minutes in, at 8:32 avg pace), I just stopped running and walked it off for 8/10 of a mile.  At first, I was a bit stiff and nervous about running again.  I had fun little residual phantom pains from the race and worried it could be something major, particularly with my history.  I started to feel great and ran accordingly, Cornell style.  I looked at the watch and I was running a 5:30 pace, sweet I thought and this is the scary part,  I tried to see how long I could hold it.  Silly me, I woke up about a 1/2 mile later, averaging that 5:30 pace, and eased up quit a bit.  The non-logical ”I feel good” side of my brain took over like usual.  Good thing I stopped before I hurt myself .  .  .  Again. 
Now the watch is  the coolest thing ever and on top of that, the screen is HUGE, I don’t even need my reading glasses to see it.  I was a bit worried about that at first, not that my eyes are that bad, but  . . .  With that said, it fits on my wrist perfectly, I have small wrists too.  I did not notice the weight either.  Overall, it is easy to use, getting it charged and saving my first distance was cake.  Uploading to the computer for the first time was a bit tricky and took me a few times to get it to work. *I am handy with electronics and almost 30 years experience with computers.   The last time I tried to connect, for some reason it just worked???  I didn’t do anything different, that I noticed.  Either way, it woke up and then the upload was super fast.  Instantly I had  a full breakdown of my run – very cool!  I don’t know how I lived without one all these years. 
This is a whole new world for running and training and I am lovin’ it. 


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