Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Devil Mountain Ultra: Late to the Start?

Woke up Saturday morning 5:50am, cold and stiff, the air mattress had gone flat and on top of that, cows surrounded the tent playing Marco Polo all night.   Now, that was exactly what I needed to start the morning.  Taking that first sip of coffee and needing it more than ever, the mandatory meeting started. Running over and spilling my coffee, I waited. It seemed to be taking for ever and after looking at my watch 6:43am, I couldn't wait anymore and ran back to the tent to finish getting ready. Stressed more than ever, I pulled all my gear together and headed back with drop bag.

The runners cheered at the starting line and man I was pumped. Over 130 took off down the road and what a motley crew. Unfortunately, I was still at the tent and as I was running towards the start, they were running towards me. I had to double take even. Is that my race? I threw down my drop bag and headed down the road. I stopped a few people and asked, is this the 50 mile race? It just didn't click with me and couldn't believe I was that late.  But what was even funnier, was that as I was running by the tent, my buddy who was also in the 50 mile, was standing there looking up at me.  I just laughed.  What a way to start a race, but it was so beautiful it did not matter.


Jill said...

Why were you late, exactly?

3D Teacher said...

I truly have know idea . . . it was like I went through a time warp.

FreakinCyclist said...

If you had that fancy dancy GPS watch you would have woken up in the correct location at the correct time. LOL
PS - real campers use cots(they don't deflate)

no worries, I started a MTB race 35 minutes late once. Still beat one dude from Illinois...

OMG someone else reads my blog!

Jill said...

Today - cold, windy, snowy... - would be an awesome day to continue the story, eh?

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