Friday, October 28, 2011

Beware of the ‘FREE’ Massage Head-butted My Masseuse

I had a flashback today . . .

960_56_1401 copySo after finishing the Cheyenne Mountain 25k, my first run of the season, I was beat up - imagine that. It was also my first real trail race and very technical, at least for me. * I highly recommend the race, it was awesome! Either way, I headed over to the 'FREE' massage area, which most races seem to offer. At first it was great, at least for the first 20+ minutes. It seemed like forever, and it felt great, until I started to cool down. Then it happened; I cramped, really knotted up, keeling over in pain even. I popped up so fast head-butting my masseuse and freaking her out. I was in complete agony. My masseuse was still in shock and just started at me. She stood there looking at me for a long long time and after minutes she finally told me to turn over, but that wasn't going to happen and I just grunted. I was locked up tight. I didn't know what to do and unfortunately neither did she. Still staring at me, she spoke again. “They didn't teach us that in class yet.” I couldn't believe it, how many days has she been studying? After an eternity, some else came over and applied pressure to my leg. It did not help much at first. Now I had two working on me for another 20 more minutes and the cramping finally went away.

Earlier that week, my buddy “T” gave me a small bag of salt tablets, Succeed! S Caps, to try out, but I left them at home. I think they really would have helped that day. Since then I take Succeed tablets like clockwork, just about one every 45 minutes or so, unless I feel just a twinge of knotting and take one on the spot. Within a minute or so it all goes away, like magic. It would have been nice to now about Succeed in my mountaineering days. I highly recommend using them or at least carrying them with you, just in case.


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