Saturday, September 24, 2011


With all the excitement last Sunday of jumping off the cliff and all, I did not post my long run.
mapTo start, I really had no idea of the route, I just started running. I ran in my favorite area, Lookout Mountain road / Apex. It has great steep trails, great steep roads, and a nice watering hole in the middle – Buffalo Bills Grave. There is always something to look at from the long boarders, para-gliders, the animals, and the hundreds of bikes.
Either way, I ran 29+ miles with over 5150 feet of vertical gain. It was a fun run and I finished before dark this time. I ran 2 laps up Lookout road then after the map2second lap to the top, I ran up and around the nature center to the top entrance of Apex. At this point I was not too sure what to do, so I just started running down Apex.
HangApex is way to rocky and beat me up a bit, but it was sure beautiful. On a side note, the trails are covered with poison ivy, so you can't really Mile2leave the trail. When I got to the bottom, I turned around, running back up past the nature center and then finally back down lookout mountain road to my car. It was a long day, but I will do it again. ~Cornell Erik
And I almost forgot, there is always a friendly face to run with.  I met Erik on the way down lookout Mountain road.  He was training for his first marathon.  Good Luck Erik!!!


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