Sunday, September 4, 2011

MY TRAINING: 25 road mile run with BIG HILLS

Sunday 9/4
25 road miles at an avg. 12 minute pace with 5280 feet of positive gain.  Ran 2 loops on Lookout road. 1.5 loops at the top near nature center and 2 very very long miles on Apex trail.
FOOD:  Drank 5 liters of fluid, mostly Orange Acceraide and then diluted it at mile 13 or so.  GU Roctane (3) and Power Bar Peanut (1 before and 1 at water refill)
NOTES:  It was a long run, but I ran the entire time.  Struggled around mile 16 with the top part of Apex trail; it was a bit too steep for mile 16. 
I took this shot today during my run,  It gives you a look of where I topped out; I started at the bottom of the valley. It is a very beautiful place to run and I am lucky it is in my backyard. Well not exactly my backyard.  
It is basically part of the same route that the USA Pro Cycling Challenge raced on.


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