Sunday, September 25, 2011

RUNNING FOOD: PowerBar Fruit Smoothie

I am always trying out different types of food on my runs.  I particularly want to mix it up for my really long ones. Sometimes eating the same thing for over 6 hours irritates my stomach.  My longest run was 10 hours long, but they have been getting long and longer over they last few years and I am thinking Leadville 100 will be even longer.
So I honestly, have not eaten a PowerBar Fruit Smoothie on any of my training runs yet and I don’t think I will.  I have tried both berry blast and citrus; they both taste great!  They kind of remind me of Laffy Taffy.  My issue with them is that they take way too long to eat.  I chewed and chewed and chewed and then chewed some more.  It just took way too long to eat the entire bar.  AND I was driving my car, imagine running.  Now, as a pre-race or pre-training snack, I can definitely see it and recommend it.  Everyone has different tastes and methods, but during a race or a training run – two thumbs down. 


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