Monday, September 12, 2011

ULTRA MARATHON TRAINING: 9/10 - 19+ miles w/ Big Hills

IMG_0477 -edited_thumb[1]The Buffalo Run.  Initially, the plan was to run 25-27 miles, maybe  3 laps up Lookout Mountain Road or something like that.  I normally run on trails but switched to the road so It was more mindless and I could zone out a bit not worrying about my foot purchase or the terrain.  I felt like I needed to just put some easy miles in with just a little elevation gain.  One of my problems was a very late heavy lunch, Spicy Lamb, and I was feeling the effects,  I had to really convince my self to keep on running because I did not want to.   I knew the heavy feeling would eventually go away and it did.  On top of that, I was not able to start until 4pm, which did not give me that much time to work with.  It gets dark about 7:30 this time of year and I finished my run at 8pm.  Usually I have a  headlamp with me because I am always getting my self in to trouble whether it be rock climbing or going to the mall and I needed it today.

Experience and knowing your body really makes a difference particularly with longer runs. Understanding what pains are just running aches and when to stop.   The other day, I was on a 37 mile run and became dehydrated and had to walk a section.  I was dead, literally.  I knew that all I needed was to rehydrate.  I drank 2 liters, which seems a bit much, rested a bit, and was able to run another 16 miles strong .  

RUN: I call it The Buffalo Run.  Started at the base of Lookout Mountain at the arch (6th ave) and ran up past Buffalo Bills Grave and continued on to route 40.  Then I turned right on 40, North?, and ran all the way to the 70 intersection to where the buffalos play.  I arrived to a huge field of buffalo grazing; it was pretty cool. Hung out for a minute, rehydrated and the ran back.  I was a beautiful road run, I recommended it. 

19+ miles with 3800+ vertical gain at about a 11.5 minute avg. pace


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