Sunday, September 11, 2011

RUNNING GEAR: 2XU Compression Calf Guard. You Too can be an X-Men

If you have seen me run in the last year or so, you have notice my  2XU Calf Guards; you can’t miss ‘um.   I think they make me look like a prima donna sprinter or at least part of the X-Men .   Now it seems they are everywhere these days,   people are wearing some type of compression sock, guard, short or pant.  Now to what extent do they work?  Honestly, It is hard to say or not easily measured.  The science behind it makes sense and compression socks are prescribed to people with low blood pressure.  Even I was prescribe compression socks after my knee surgery.  I thought about even wearing just one while I run to see if I notice a difference, but I do not think that would really work.  For the most part,  I like wearing them and it seems like they are doing something.   Some say they are more effective after running versus during.  I wear them during and after,  and let me tell you I get some looks at the grocery store in my 2XUs and Birkenstocks.  I had a race in northern Spain and had to fly out the next day.  I took Aspirin and wore the guards on the plane.  I thought it couldn’t hurt considering I was going to be sitting in a cramped seat for a long time.   The one added feature rarely mentioned is that they are great for bushwhacking, basically protecting your legs from those damn  scratchy plants.  If you haven't run with a pair yet, I think it is worth checking out.  Keep Running.  ~Cornell


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