Sunday, September 11, 2011

RUNNING FOOD: PowerBar Carmel Peanut Fusion

Well, here is my take.  It tastes great at room temperature or warmer, but when it is a bit on the cold side, not that great though eatable.  Also when you are a bit dehydrated, they are hard to swallow and that could be said about any energy bar I guess.  At mile 24 of a 37 mile run, I could not get past 2 bites and ended up throwing it away.  Now I was a tad dehydrated and I think this was the cause of it.  I went back to my old friend Mr. GU and it went right down.    On my last run, I tried  before the run and again at mile 13 of a 25 mile run along with 2 liters of fluid.  I was a bit thirsty the second lap up Lookout Mountain road and it tasted great and went right down.   I know on longer runs I can’t live off GU and I am going to going to have to mix it up a bit.  I am going to try it again on Saturday on my 25 mile run.  I will let you know.


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