Friday, September 9, 2011


I am addicted to Roctane and it has a tasty flavor.  I generally take the Vanilla Orange, even though GU is thick, which why I did not like it at first, is the reason why I like it now.  I take it like a pill in the back of my throat and it goes down easy, not sticking to my teeth or my mouth - it is not messy.  Prior to that I took more of a liquified gel and it lingered in my mouth, stuck to my teeth and got my hands all sticky.   Now with that said, 12 or so in a row, like a 6 hour run, I seems to effect my stomach a just a bit.  Now this could be from a number of things like, lack of water or too much caffeine.  Who is to say, I might mix it up a bit for a 10 hour run though.  It is still my favorite choice.


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