Sunday, September 18, 2011

EXCITING RUN TODAY! Avoided Accident and Almost Fell Off Cliff


During my run today, I almost fell off a cliff. It was very exciting and better than an espresso. Around mile 12 of my second lap up Look Out Mountain road, I heard a grinding noise on one of the cut-backs.  I heard a guy yell out, ‘Are you OK?’   Then all of a sudden, a long boarder comes flying around the corner.  He took the corner too wide and was heading into the next lane right towards a car.  Luckily the car stopped in time and the long boarder slid on his back in front of the car barely kissing the license plate. Then he was heading right towards me.  Now this was all within a split of a second.  I literally jumped 3 feet in the air over the guard rail and landed on the edge of a small cliff, just like a Ninja.  I don’t think I would have been able jump that high if it was a bit later in my run.  Otherwise, he would have swept my legs out from under me.  Let me tell you, that would have hurt.  When I landed my foot slipped, but I caught myself and leaned away from the edge of the cliff  just in time, avoiding a big fall.  I looked up and the boarder was gone with out saying a word.  I turned around and there he was cruising down the road and seconds later another came flying by him.  

The second rider in the photo was the one who almost hit me.  So I am assuming he was fine, but with a fall like that he had to be bruised and his adrenalized body will feel it later.  I have seen a number of riders there and some stupid enough to go shirtless and helmetless; this guy had some of the basic gear.  The real smart ones wear full leather suits, but even with full gear, I think they are all crazy.
Now luckily, I was barely hurt and only slightly strained my abductor.  But since my adrenalin was pumping, I continued my run and I still do not feel anything.  So I guess, I really didn’t get hurt.  What a day! ~Cornell


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