Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Devil Mountain 50 Mile Ultra Marathon . . . 3 Days to Go and I am Nervous

Devil Mountain 50 Mile is 3 days away and I am a bit nervous.  My first marathon was only a month and a half ago; what am I thinking.  I also watched a 50 mile race last weekend, the  Bear Creek Chase 50 Mile.  It was a 4 loop course and the runners on the second lap looked completely dead.  It was hot and I think it was effecting them and the aid stations did not provide any salt tablets.  DRINK DRINK DRINK will be my motto.  And it looks like mother nature might even throw us a little electrical party. Yea!!!  I do not want to blow out any candles please – Thank You!   At least it is not going to be that hot.  ~ SKA Runner


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