First of all, I am a bit geeky, hence the website and I am a computer graphics teacher to top it off. I have a typical story, gained a few pounds, 55+ and started running before it got out of control. It was the perfect storm of events starting with knee surgery. I had to lose it before it got out of control and started running again; lost all my weight in 3 months. Then ran my first marathon (it happened to be a mountain marathon) in Spain, August 2011, and I'm not stopping there. I am not the fastest or the most experienced, just a new runner with a passion. Presently, I am experimenting with a Ketogenic Diet for the sole purpose of bonkless endurance running; I am convinced and hooked - hard. This site will document my adventures as an ultra-runner and my Ketogenic experiments.

Running on Ketones . . . []

I am experimenting with running ultra endurance events while on a Ketogenic Diet and so far I am eating well and running hard.

SKA Runner? What the Heck Does That Mean? []

SKA Runner? Well, I always listen to SKA when I run and I thought it was kind of fun. And what is SKA? It is a genre of music, kind of a fast Reggae, been around since the late '50s, and it gets that heart pumping.

Why did I make this site? []

Well, I am a high school 3d animation teacher and require all my students to blog about their projects and processes. The other day, a student asked where was my blog. Now I maintain six blogs, one for each class and another for the entire program, but none refer to me or what I am working on. So on September 4th, during a 25 mile run, it came to me, create a site and document my Leadville adventure and really commit to the race. I was of course listening to SKA, I laughed and said, “I am a SKA Runner.” After my run, I jumped on the computer and registered and then that night created the site.

Now publicly announcing your commitment to a race of this caliber, gives you that little extra needed push. It also makes it harder to back out and you have followers / supports to be there for you. My students talk to me daily about what I ran that week and every once in a while if I can really run 100 miles. It is not just about the race, it is the days leading up to it.

The Leadville 100 is so difficult that you can't just show up and wing it. You have to take it seriously, do your research, plan for it, and then put in the time. In a way, I say the same thing to my students, “You have to take responsibility for your education, if you wait for your teacher to tell you what to do, you are already behind.” Students tell me that they want to be film makers, animators, and game designers, very competitive industries, and I ask them “How bad do you want it? . . . Then what are you waiting for, start today.”

The cool part is that the students are following me from day one, my initial commitment, the website, my struggles, my training, my research, then the race, and some are actually showing up to run with me. How cool is that?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

One Hell of a Race and Elevated Legs?

Me before the race!

One hell of a race day! Still not sure what happened during my 12 mile race (Dirty 30 12 mile) on Saturday. I felt great the first 6 miles, I did push it a bit too much on the down hills? It was hot but I was well hydrated? . . . At mile 8 my quads started to cramp up a bit . . . been there . . . I knew I just had to just walk it off and I would be fine. I have run this course two other times during a 50K race, so I was familiar with the course. The cramping got progressively worse and for the most part during the climbing. So the last 4 miles were painful and a total slog, but I was running by the last mile. After the race they had a ten minute free trial of Elevated Legs (, after I finished my legs were completely locked up and I could bend them. After ten minutes or so of pain, I thought I was going to pass out and I was told that I was pale as a ghost; it was painful. I over heard a sports trainer say that,'this is serous we need to get an IV in him, go get the ambulance' but the ambulance had already left with someone. For the first 45 minutes I was on the verge of passing out – well I lost the color in my face, super light headed, my legs were locked, and it was super painful. It was like my quads were in a continuous flex for 45 minutes straight – like rocks and on and off for the hour after. I was in bad shape and ended up laying in the grass for two hours unable to get up. Eventually I was able to get up on my own and hobble to the car.

So was I dehydrated? Not ready for the race? Were my electrolytes low? Was it the the Elevated Legs? Or did I experience some altitude issues? It could be a combination of them all???

So if you are hurting after a run go for the cold creek versus modern tech. Either way it was a rough day.

Today my quads feel shredded!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Starting to Feel a Bit Faster . . . 3 Miles and Super Icy (14° F / -10° C)

Checking my speed with a 3 mile time trial during a Rocky Mountain Road Runners run. 

First I forgot to press start on my watch . . .

OMG! It was way too cold and icy to be running that fast.  Ran 20:40, which is not that bad for the conditions.  They actually swept the course so that you can hopefully see the black ice.  It was single track and if you passed someone, you could feel loosing an inch on every step with the soft blanket of snow.  With that said, I am starting to feel a bit faster with a  much more consistent pace (6:50, 6:50, & 6:55) and I felt I could run much much faster and /or longer in better conditions . . . 

ALSO I played a bit with carb loading and fully restored my glycogen stores, stayed super low carb up until two nights before my Sunday run.   AND I think it made a difference, I felt GOOD; I also took the week off prior, meaning I got a good rest.

So Friday, I had a Chipotle steak bowl no rice, extra black beans, peppers / onions, mild sauce, green sauce, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and lettuce.   Friday night, I had big helping of grapes and an apple.   Saturday I kind of pigged out a bit, I ate a whole bag of sweet potato chips, an apple, a banana, a big coffee with with heavy cream as usual,  a lettuce wrap double bacon burger, and a large order of  sweet potato fries.  It wasn’t very healthy or the best choice of carbs, but it tasted great.   I am sure there was more food involved, like maybe an ice cream covered with peanut butter . . . I remember blue berries as well . . .???

I will try this again next big run and let you know.  ~SKA


This was my finish . . .

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Okay . . . it has been a while. NEW GOAL!

me2Okay . . . it has been a while.  After finishing Rabbit Run 100, I needed a break and I took 3 months off.  I started back the beginning of the year, it wasn’t a new years resolution or anything.  It is just that I found a new goal and I think it will be harder than running a 100, at least for me.  Being a dad, being a full time dad, a full time husband, and a full time teacher,  I couldn’t put the time in needed to feel good running a hundred.  Not that anyone feels good running a hundred . . . you can definitely feel better though.  The months leading up to RRR 100, I was putting in 30+ miles a week.   I can finish a hundred.


My initial reflection after the race . . .  I finished my first 100 mile race!!! Run Rabbit Run in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My time wasn't what I was shooting for, but I finished STRONG! In fact, I ran the last 10K in under 43 minutes (officially).  Needless to say, it was wet.  Wasn't as bad as it could have been, but 30 degrees at 10,000 feet and pouring ran was not that fun.  I didn't hallucinate like I did at Leadville, but I wish I had.  When running at night on a technical wooded trail, very dark, I was focusing on my feet, then I looked up.   Right in front of me was a hillbilly looking guy covered in blood with a shotgun in his hands.   It scared the hell out of me.   It was a fun run and I had a blast!   I can barely walk right now though . . .


So . . . training for a hundred last year– no speed work, I was able to go sub 40 in a 10K.  Now here is my goal . . . SUB 37?  I am out of breath just tying that . . .  Realistic  . . . Hell no?  I have to go sub 6 for 6 miles, Holy Crap!   I can’t even do that in a 5k  . . . YET!


Let’s Go!!!!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hardrock 100 / Hundred Mile Endurance Run - Race Report

An AWESOME Video! even the non-runners: Hardrock 100.
It has lottery based registration, hopefully I will be a winner some day soon!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today’s run . . . Cala Llentrisca

This is where my run took me today, it was with the Ibiza equivalent of DTR (Denver Trail Runners) and RMRR (Rocky Mountain Road Runners) ...

Another Hot and Humid run in Ibiza!  And I went for a swim in the middle of the run . . . Great Run!

Great Group of People!!!

Here is the run:





Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Andorra Ultra Trail: My Checklist

This was my checklist, feel free to comment.  I really have no idea of what I was getting myself into . . . it was AWESOME!!!  Over prepared as always . . . but I finished!

Red = Required

Green = Things I would change or add

Needs for the Start of the Race

MY Pack: UltrAspire Fastpack


In My Pack


  • 2 bottles filled water / UCAN
  • Poncho (heavy rain / Maybe Rain?)
  • Spandex Hat Light Weight
  • Gloves
  • Wind breaker
  • Pants (Warm / Montbell Wind Pants/ Rain?)
  • Reading Glasses (maps – I am old)
  • EXTRA REI Long sleeve shirt vs Short sleeve
  • Space Blanket
  • Emergency backup light
  • bag with 2 Wet Wipes
  • bag with 2 Napkins
  • Sunglasses
  • Whistle
  • First Aide Kit
    • ACE Bandage (strapping)
    • Tweezers
    • Mole Skin
    • Medical Tape
    • Tiny pocket knife
    • Bag with Vaseline (feet)


  • X2 Energy Blasts
  • X3 Stinger Coconut Bar
  • X4 Stinger Waffles
  • X3 Vespa Concentrate
  • X1 Vespa Jr
  • X4 UCAN Packets
  • Water in a disposable bottle for the start



Drop Bag #1

Drop Bag #2

  • Portable Duracell USB Battery recharger (for watch)
  • Poles (for emergency use only)
  • Sun Block
  • Extra windbreaker
  • Extra poncho
  • Extra Injinji Lightweight Toe Socks
  • Extra Liner Socks
  • Bag-o-Vaseline
  • Extra Gloves
  • Extra Surf Shorts
  • Extra Warm pants
  • Extra short sleeve shirt
  • Extra REI long sleeve shirt
  • Extra Bike-Length Underwear
  • Extra Medical Kit
    • mole skin
    • band aides
    • tape medical
  • 1- Garbage Bag (keep drop-bag dry)
  • Extra AAA & AA Batteries
  • Extra Rag
  • Extra Ziplock bag with Wet Wipes
  • Extra Bag with Napkins
  • Extra Bottle
  • Extra Bladder bag (bottle bag)
  • Extra Pair Hoka Stinson Evos (maybe add)

  • X2 Energy Blasts
  • X3 Stinger Coconut Bar
  • X4 Stinger Waffles
  • X3 Vespa Concentrate
  • X1 Vespa Jr
  • X5 UCAN Packets
  • Water in a disposable bottle for the start


  • Sewing kit


A Few Days Leading up to the Race

  • Cut toenails
  • Charge batteries
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Watch
  • Battery Pack
  • Check Gear List

Night before the race

  • Put batteries in headlamp
  • Check Gear List
  • Measure Drink Mix
  • Check Weather & Adjust gear

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Have a Long Way to Go . . . For a 5K

A buddy of my shared these results for a recent St. Patrick's Day 5K in Colorado Springs.  Man, where did these guys come from?  Not just one, but two 45 – 49s under 16 minutes???  It looks like every age group is heavily seeded.  Was this race down hill or something?  My goal has been just to get under 18 minutes, I have been inspired to shoot for a sub 17 now.   It might take me a few years to even get close, but hell I am going to try.   I certainly can’t see a sub 16 anytime soon or ever for that  matter. 

Wow! Just impressive!!!

MALE AGE GROUP:  40 - 44
    1 Jeff Turner             M42 Colo Spgs CO        16:54  5:27  1957            
    2 Adolfo Carrillo         M42 Colo Spgs CO        17:27  5:37  2551            
    3 Gerald Romero           M41 Colo Spgs CO        18:23  5:55  2432         

MALE AGE GROUP:  45 - 49
    1 Simon Gutierrez         M47 Colo Spgs CO        15:57  5:08  2132            
    2 Justin Chaston          M45 Colo Spgs CO        15:57  5:08  2460            
    3 Dan Vega                M45 Colo Spgs CO        17:39  5:41  2135            

MALE AGE GROUP:  50 - 54
    1 Peter Fleming           M52 Colo Spgs CO        17:09  5:32  2274            
    2 David Minter            M52 Colo Spgs CO        18:50  6:04  2579            
    3 Lile Budden             M52 Colo Spgs CO        19:37  6:19  2244            

MALE AGE GROUP:  55 - 59
    1 Dan Spale               M56 Lakewood CO         18:29  5:57   915            
    2 John Victoria           M58 Colo Spgs CO        18:38  6:00  2164            
    3 William Cordova         M59 Colo Spgs CO        21:11  6:49  2066

Is your Lazy Ass Tough Enough . . . "Haulin' Ass"

Check out this film!!!  I will bet that this sport will be getting more popular over the next few years . . .


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Becoming the All-Terrain Human

CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE from the NY Times about Killian.  ~SKA

Becoming the All-Terrain Human
By CHRISTOPHER SOLOMON  Published: March 20, 2013

Kilian Jornet Burgada is the most dominating endurance athlete of his generation. In just eight years, Jornet has won more than 80 races, claimed some 16 titles and set at least a dozen speed records, many of them in distances that would require the rest of us to purchase an airplane ticket. He has run across entire   . . . << More >>

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent Will Drug Test

* I don’t know what to say . . . but I laugh every time I think about it.   ~SKA

Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent Will Drug Test

First U.S. trail-running events to test for PED use


Start of the 2012 Pikes Ascent. Photo courtesy of Tim Bergsten/

There’s been much ado lately in our community about PED use [see "No Love for Lance: PEDs and Trail Runners Don’t Mix Well", Editor’s Note, April 2013, Issue 87]. Today, just one day before registration opens, the venerable Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent announced plans to test runners for performance-enhancing drugs in the 2013 events this August.  << READ MORE >>

Thursday, March 7, 2013 Hill Training Clinic at Mt. Falcon

I LOVE running hills . . . my first real race since high school was Pikes Peak Ascent, and then the following year Mt Evans.  I was 37 and relatively Fat!  Pike Peak Marathon was supposed to be my first marathon, but I tore my meniscus and had to bail.  I ended up running a similar race in the Spanish Pyrenees, the Aneto Marathon which is also a self sufficient race. *I highly recommend it.  I have changed a lot since then, but my love for hills hasn’t, I guess I can say that I just love running in general now.

The Hill Training Clinic with Tim Long is AWESOME idea!!!  I will be there . . . Anything that will make my Andorra race easier will help -

March 31st (Sunday) 9:00AM at  Mt. Falcon Park

Seems like everyone hates hills. Some think the uphills are too hard and everyone passes them in races. Others are timid on the descents and don't take advantage of our friend, gravity. Putting in the practice and training obviously helps, but knowing certain techniques and practicing them will chop huge chunks of time off your finish results and leave your competitors wondering how you got so fast on hills, especially over technical terrain.

This has become the most popular clinic with a number of repeat participants.  The information will stay with you and improve your running and racing for the rest of your life.  You won't want to miss all the fun!  These clinics are capped at 30 participants.  They will sell out, so register quickly.

Topics covered:

  • Hill running technique on technical climbs and descents.
  • Climbing efficiently (when to walk vs run, arm position, etc), transitioning from walk to run while maintaining pace
  • Descending (low center of gravity, arm position, foot placement, etc)
  • Using hills strategically in races.
  • How to run various hill workouts for best conditioning results.
  • Includes 3 x 3 min hill workout with warm up and cool down.
  • We follow up the clinic with group runs of all abilities.

Clinic is just $35 and will include giveaways from Vi Fuel (best gels in the world) and some nice running gear.

Register by contacting me via email - tim (AT)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

WEEKLY CHECK-IN: Runner’s Knee

SKArunnerNUTRITION: Well, I am 117 days into my ketogenic diet and now I am a lifer.  No really this is a life change; I mean I might have a few “carb” days a year like Christmas, but I can’t see myself following the Standard American Diet (SAD) ever again.  I truly do not miss the food I used to eat, no more rice, pasta, sugar,breads and of course no more doughnuts.   The food I eat is so good, I just ate jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and then wrapped in bacon.  OMG delicious!!!

TRAINING:  I am still very concerned about my power hiking abilities or lack-there-of.   With that said, I still don’t seem to find the time to “power hike” up hill.  I know that is the best training, but if I have the time, I am running.  So why do I keep on signing up for hill climbing races?  . . . I just like it.  And in my mind,  eventually I will be able to run all the hills in an ultra or at least  keep up with my ego.  Now I have time for strength exercises, I can work them in almost anytime during the day.   The last few weeks have been a little intense and I beat myself up.  Runner’s knee seemed to develop and I was hurting for the tail end of the week.  Two of my friends Eric & Anthony suggested, I start adding  unsweetened gelatin to my hot drinks.  They say it is a wonder cure for things like runner’s knee and they were right or it seems that way.  I had a serving of gelatin every day this week and even though my knee hurt right up to Friday.  Anthony told me to drink it at night before bed or it doesn’t work as well.  Friday night I did and it was completely gone for my 18 mile run on Saturday.  I do not know?   Now could it have just been its time and the extra rest paid off?  Maybe, but I was limping all day Friday and woke up Saturday morning and it was completely gone!!!  


One Leg Squats  - 3 X 30

One Leg Lounges  - 3 X 50

Heel Raises – 3 X 30

Swiss Ball Crunches – 3 X 40

Swiss Ball Back Crunches – 3 X30 (only Monday)

Pull-ups – 3 X 12

Chin-Ups – 3 X 12 (only Monday)


I had a great easy 18 mile run Saturday morning – no knee  pain!!!  YES!!!  I took it easy and ended up running with another runner, who happened to start just a few minutes ahead of me.  I talked his ears off.   I was on a ketone buzz.   I felt guilty, but I couldn't or wouldn't shut up.   It was a great run and an amazing day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet

Eric’s comment on the site regarding “food confusion”, go me thinking about what I actually eat.  I think there is a lot of truth to that, so started looking at other “ketogenic” diets and there are quite a few models.  As you know my wife is from Spain, so I historically have eaten a Mediterranean diet.  It is not a secret that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial and there have been numerous studies, more so recently - Spanish Test: Mediterranean Diet Shines In Clinical Study. Lately, I have come across the “Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet” which intrigued me.    <<  MORE >>>

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Intervals . . . Day Two


Today I was a bit scared and also excited about Tuesday Intervals.  Excited for intervals? . . . Yea . . . I guess I like them.  My Phidippides track club doesn’t start until March, so I am getting ready.  Once again, I got schooled by the high schoolers.  I ran a little faster than last week, might have had more even splits if I didn’t start off so fast; my life story.  Either way, another great workout.  Hopefully my body will get used to this . . .  My ultimate goal is to qualify for the first wave of the Bolder Boulder and I need to run under 18:20.  A few more weeks of this and I might be able to pull it off.    

Food: Prior to the intervals, I ate 10g of carbs since 8pm the night before.  Basically coffee w/ heavy whipping cream, some tuna fish, and almonds.  My food for the day . . .

Distance  Time   Pace
1    200    00:38    05:03      
2    200    00:39    05:12      
3    200    00:37    04:56      
4    200    00:36    04:48
5    200    00:37    04:56

1    400    01:16    05:04      
2    400    01:22    05:28     
3    400    01:26    05:44      
4    400    01:19    05:16      
5    400    01:26    05:44      
6    400    01:26    05:44     
7    400    01:25    05:40      
8    400    01:20    05:20      
9    400    01:25    05:40     
10  400    01:19    05:16      

Thursday, February 14, 2013

WATCH THIS! On the Run: Arthur Lydiard's Training Methods

Inspirational Documentary:  I came across this 1979 documentary, On the Run,  last night, very cool!  It focuses on legendary running coach Arthur Lydiard's training methods.   If you are not familiar with Lydiard, you should be.   I have never seen it before, don’t now if I am just out of the loop.  Either way check it out. 



This film showcases legendary running coach Arthur Lydiard's training methods through the example of his acolytes, including reigning Olympic 1,500m champ John Walker. 'Arthur's boys' (Snell, Halberg, Magee) scored attention by winning unheralded medals (two golds and a bronze) at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Lydiard later led the 'flying Finns' to similar success. His method revolves around building stamina to complement speed, and was influential in popularising jogging globally. Beautifully filmed, a doco highlight is Jack Foster's exhilarating scree slope descent.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Interval Day . . . First Day Back

trackToday, I ran with the high school track team.  Man it is hard always being last and even the coach, who is six years older than me destroyed me. *Granted he is a mutant and doesn’t count.  My goal was to run 1:28’s and I averaged 1:23’s.  So it was a good day!  Now I probably should of held back just a bit, but that is me and I will pay the price over the next few days.  Aside from the aches and pains after finishing – I am getting to old, I still feel pretty good.  AND I can’t wait until tomorrow.   

     Distance   Time        Pace      
1    200    00:36    05:02      
2    200    00:37    05:03      
3    200    00:38    05:04      
4    200    00:38    05:04      
1    400    01:20    05:17      
2    400    01:24    05:29      
3    400    01:26    05:32      
4    400    01:18    05:15      
5    400    01:27    05:42      
6    400    01:27    05:42      
7    400    01:23    05:24      
8    400    01:26    05:41      
9    400    01:20    05:13      
10   400    01:22    05:23      
11   400    01:22    05:21

Sunday, February 10, 2013

RUNNING GEAR: ProStretch Plus

A few weeks ago, I went for a group run with Brad & friends, it was extremely cold and we all jumped in and started cranking up hill.  I tweaked my calf just a bit right in the beginning and ever since then I have been babying it.  I did some research and I came across these calf stretchers.   I was really curious, but didn’t want to jump just to buy one. 

After the Polar Bear 5k, I met Miguel De La Torre from Catalyst Performance and he had a ProStretch Plus on his table.  I asked him about it because I really wanted to try one out and I did.  He demonstrated how it worked, I tested out and asked him where he got it from.  Then he offered to sell it . . .  and he really hooked me up.  Thanks Man.ProStretchPlus_SKArunner

So what makes it different than all the other stretchers, honestly I don’t know, but it is fully adjustable the others were not.  The heel and toe blocks are removable and can be placed based on foot size.

Is it just a fancy toy to stretch you out? And will we see it on an infomercial soon? I don’t know.  It did feel good while stretching.   I guess my only hold back is that you can over stretch if you are not careful.   If you use it as directed in the videos, it should be fine.  I did over stretch my right calf one day and it made me nervous because I felt it for a day or two, but it went away.  

Let me know if you have use one regularly . . .  or have an opinion.

Pacing? My Heart Trumps My Brain

Stopwatch_SKArunnerWe all know I have never been a smart racer, that is for sure.  Just looking at ANY one of my races I go out way too strong, like a freshman in high school.  Then late on in the race I become Road Kill.   I guess the main reason, like the freshman, is a combination experience and competitive spirit.  I remember receiving and email from a friend, congratulating me on my 50 miler.  “I laughed when I saw mile 13, a 6:30 pace?  What were you thinking? “  And yes it was followed by a BONK.  I am totally driven by emotion and in my mind I am faster than I actually am.   Even though I set outrageous goals, I am having fun and am ‘ok’ when I don’t make them.  I keep telling myself that one day, I will actually be able to maintain that pace.  We will see?  I would like to say I am working on it and I am, but my heart is much stronger than my brain. 

I ran a five mile tempo run on Saturday – Forty Furlongs Five Mile.  Looking at my past races, I figured it would be safe to pace it at a 6:45 per mile; a pace I knew I could hold for 5 miles.  I did go out a bit fast as usual, but not like past races.  I started with a nice 6:10 average for the fist half mile and then settled down to a solid 6:30.  I had my Garmin set for average pace and it was a stable 6:35 average for the first three miles.  Then I started fluctuating a bit and my average went up to 6:37 – imagefatigue was definitely setting in.  Looking at my last mile, it was my fastest and that was my goal.  *Ignore my heart rate, it is time to get a new strap. I am going to buy a Polar strap, it works with the Garmin device and supposedly much better.   Check out my notes. 

My ultimate goal it to be able to hold a 5:30 pace for a 5K.  I figure if I 40 year old can hold a 5:30 pace for the Denver Marathon, I can hold it for a 5K.  This is a secondary goal that will hopefully compliment my ultra goals. 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Garmin 310XT: Do I Really Understand the Settings?

Last October, my buddy Manley, I call him Squeaky,  came over handed a little blue bag and said “This is for your training.”  I thought cool, Manley rocks!  I opened it up and looked in.  I stood there just staring in the bag for a long time, amazed, and then I looked up as he walked out of the room.  In the bag was a small box of Wheaties, a water bottle,  AND . . .  a Garmin 310XT GPS watch.   Holly Cow!!!  Thank You!!!

The Garmin 310XT is Awesome!!!  I highly Recommend it!!!

As of a year later, I am just starting to really understand and use it to its full potential.  The other night I was looking up “average pace” and came across a really cool resource - the DC Rainmaker Rocks!  He has done some in-depth research on GPS watches including reviews and ‘tutorials’. 

Check out his posts . . . Just Awesome!!!

Garmin Forerunner 310XT In Depth Review

The Art of Pacing with a Garmin

Choosing your Garmin device data fields

Understanding Sport Device GPS Elevation Issues 

A solution to heart rate dropouts/spikes with Garmin HR Soft Straps

Sport Device GPS Accuracy In Depth: Part I

Sport Device GPS Accuracy In Depth: Part II


Features I want changed:

  • The lap screen is way to small and my 42 year old eyes cannot really read it on the fly.  So either make it full screen or give it the option to turn off.  I do like to hear the lap sound though, but when I look at my watch I can’t read anything because the lap screen just covers the rest.  It just makes me frustrated.  This watch is very popular with the the older ultra runners – we all use reading glasses.
  • The strap has issues . . . Not the device.  Read DC Rainmaker’s post.    Buy the Polar strap and clip your Garmin device to it.  I guess it fixes the problem.    I am going to test one out within in the week.
  • Although the watch will still work and gather GPS data while charging, the display is not active.  The only way to look at the screen is to unplug it. 
  • I would love to be able to charge the watch without taking it off my wrist.  The snake clip is just too big.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

5K Take Two: A Total Shift in ‘Phil’osophy.

Today I ran my second 5k and my splits were almost identical to last time.  Ok my new goal has been to work on the Heart because my heart rate is out of control.  Even standing at the starting line, my heart rate was around 160 BPM.  I could have been nervous, but come on . . . 100 BPM at most.  I don’t know?  I am 42 and a bit concerned that it is too high, I have even questioned if this could lead to a heart attack.  Everyone I speak with thinks there is something wrong with my heart rate monitor, but if I check it manually, it is dead on every time.  Granted I can’t check while running, but I think it correct.  

My time was 3 seconds faster than last time, so I did improve sort of?  This is what I did to try to improve.  First I did not drink coffee, prior to the race to try to keep my heart rate down.  I mean that makes sense, most people’s BPMs increase by 10 or so with caffeine.  Second, I did not listen to my music, which I always used to keep my cadence up.   I am guessing that it would also increase my heart rate.   My heart rate went down by 1 beat per minute and my time was 3 seconds faster.   It is an improvement. 

Also on top of all that, I have been changing up my training routine, influenced heavily on the Maffetone Method.  Basically my regular training plan but a bit slower and intermixing training both on the elliptical and on the trail with a heart rate between 125 – 135.  Granted it has only been a week and a half.  Phil’s suggests that I go totally aerobic, but man it is difficult.  *It is a total shift in ‘Phil’osophy.

On top od all that I went ketogenic, which should also bring my heart rate down???
*I have been in ketosis for 90 days now. 

I was 14th over all and 2nd for my division. 
AND there were 660 runners.
I still can’t complain . . .

Is the Maffetone Method my solution?   I am thinking it is.  I am presently reading Phil Maffetone’s book, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing.  It is very interesting, with that said I am only a 12th of the way in; it is a big book.  A year ago, I pick it up and read half of the first chapter, but I was a bit intimidated and IT IS A BIG BOOK.  Also, it gave me a ‘whole body’ vibe, borderline ‘New Age’, so I did not buy it. I think it was a mistake, but as I said earlier . . . I wasn’t ready for it. 

From 10/30/2012: I didn’t buy it.  I had it in my hand, read a few sections and what I read looked good, but I didn’t buy it.  I guess first of all, it looks like a phone book and when it says The Big Book of”, it really is a big book.  Over 500 pages of small print and a bit too technical.  I think it is a great book for a coach or trainer, but I am not ready for it yet.


This is my heart rate for the Super Bowl 5K . . .

Avg HR: 195 bpm      Max HR: 203 bpm


Super Bowl 5K

These are my splits for Super Bowl 5K . . .

Super Bowl 5K_Splits

*I promised myself I would not go out too fast . . . Like that happened.

This is my heart rate for the Polar Bear 5K . . .

Avg HR: 196 bpm     Max HR: 204 bpm


Polar Bear 5K


These are my splits for Polar Bear 5K . . .

Polar Bear 5K_Splits

Friday, February 1, 2013

Call Me Crazy! Trail Running Festival 50 Miler

Call me Crazy! I signed up for another 50 miler 3 weeks prior to Quad Rock 50, the Desert Rat’s Trail Running Festival.  It looks like a fun course and it has a few hills as well.  The course is a 25 mile loop with over 4,000 feet of climbing per loop.  The altitude will be a change . . . the course tops out at only 5,400’.  Generally the races I run are a lot higher up there . . . So I am thinking it will be a faster course.  

I am excited!  But a little concerned that I will be running it so close to Quad Rock.  I should be fine.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It is Official . . . Quad Rock 50 Miler!

I just noticed that Quad Rock 25 just sold out . . .  Got a little nervous  . . . I really don’t know what I was waiting for aside from my next pay check.  I signed up today.  I really did not want to miss the race, I had a blast last year and told myself that I was going to run it every year.  It is an awesome way to start the season.   I can’t wait!

Start: Lory State Park, Fort Collins, CO.
Distance:  50 Miles (11,000′)
Mode of Transportation: Foot
Date: Saturday May 11, 2013

I was even Smiling last year . . .

Erin Bibeau Photography Copyright 2012

And my buddy  Bob is running too . . .